Specialist Disability Allied Health

We can assist you in creating the kind of place that you want to live in — be it the family home, a sole or shared residence or an assigned property. For many people with a disability, living independently and reducing the reliance on paid support is a major goal in life. We can help you achieve more independence than you ever thought possible by helping you build the confidence and develop the skills needed to live your life your way.

Based on your goals and aspirations, we help you negotiate your living arrangements and provide practical skills development related to household management, relationship building and community engagement. So whether it’s learning how to shop, clean and cook, pay the bills and do the banking, use public transport or drive, we can empower you to take ownership of your day-to-day responsibilities. We’ll also help you to understand what services are available and how they can be accessed or delivered to ensure your needs are met.

In some areas in Queensland, we offer these supports via Blue Care — one of Queensland’s largest and most trusted in-home support providers